Event Security

Event Security and Stewarding

Public events, whether large or small, require an effective infrastructure if they are to be a success. At Marpol Security, we provide event security and stewards to indoor and outdoor events right across the country. Able to assist with everything from front-of-house security, to guiding patrons to their seats, to acting as fire wardens, our crew will help make your event a safe and memorable one.


As one of the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our customers in terms of event security and stewards. Here is what you can expect from us:

A hand-tailored event security solution

No two events are alike and, therefore, the security precautions you need to take will be equally different. For every event we attend, we will first put together a detailed and efficient security plan. We will inspect the site and discuss any particular concerns with the event organiser. This way, we can create the perfect security package, one that ensures the safety and happiness of your visitors.

Front-of-house security

Our event security staff are happy to work the entrance to your event. They will inspect tickets, direct patrons to where their seats are located, and turn away any visitors without tickets or passes. Our stewards can also maintain line control, if some of its members start pushing and shoving, or getting a bit boisterous.

Crowd control

In the unlikely event of things getting out of hand, remember that our event staff are highly-trained and experienced security officers. Many of them have a background in the police or the armed forces, as well as private security. They are trained to identify, restrain, and remove troublemakers with the minimum of fuss, ensuring the event is not spoiled for the rest of your patrons.

Emergency assistance

Our event staff are not just SIA-licensed security professionals, but also fully-trained fire wardens. Many of them have additional training as First Aiders. This makes them a valuable asset in the event of any on-site emergency. Our crew are guaranteed to remain calm and collected and able to direct other members of the event team to provide an effective response.

The face of your event

Our security staff are always well presented. They arrive in matching uniforms emblazoned with the Marpol Security logo, though they are happy to wear a branded event tabard or uniform if required to do so. Aside from looking the part, our team are polite to all your guests and patrons, treating them with courtesy and respect. They ensure a pleasant atmosphere for anyone attending your event and can be relied upon to provide assistance to anybody requiring it.

A nationwide event security solution

Here at Marpol Security, we have SIA-licensed security professionals operating across the UK. Wherever your event is being held, we will have a team of trusted and experienced security staff available in your area.



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