CCTV Towers

Remotely-monitored, temporary CCTV tower solutions

available across Manchester and the North West

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is a wise investment for any security-conscious firm. Acting as both an effective deterrent and a valuable source of evidence against intruders, they are a key component in an efficient security package.

However, there are certain times when a full CCTV installation is not appropriate. Where security is only required on a short-term basis, an extensive CCTV package offers less return on investment. In these circumstances, a temporary CCTV tower will often prove a more effective solution.

What is a CCTV tower?

A CCTV tower is exactly how it sounds – a free-standing tower equipped with all the security trappings you’d expect from a bespoke CCTV installation. This includes high-resolution cameras, loudspeakers, motion sensors, floodlights, alarms, and connection to a local monitoring station. All this functionality is condensed into a mobile CCTV tower unit, powered by its own battery.

Common uses of temporary CCTV towers

As one the North West’s leading security firms we have provided temporary CCTV towers to companies across the region. Businesses as far afield as Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Merseyside, Cheshire, and North Wales have benefited from these short-term solutions.

Popular applications of this technology include:

  • car parks
  • construction sites
  • sports grounds and facilities
  • agricultural areas
  • school grounds
  • outdoor events
  • vacant properties
  • and much more

These towers also serve as an effective temporary replacement for an existing CCTV surveillance system. This is particularly useful when the original system needs to be replaced or is awaiting repair.

Benefits of a temporary CCTV tower

from Marpol Security

We have more than 25 years in the security industry and we know quality when we see it. This is why we exclusively use InView CCTV towers for all our temporary CCTV packages. Here are just some of the extensive benefits these towers provide for any workplace:

  • 24-hour high-resolution recording (including illuminated night vision and infrared options)
  • Voice challenges – either pre-recorded or live from the monitoring centre –
  • issued via loudspeaker
  • Floodlights, triggered by motion sensor
  • Four-week battery life, augmented by optional solar panels
  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Low-maintenance CCTV solution – completely weatherproof and requiring little manual intervention
  • Remote monitoring options from our central monitoring station


Wherever you’re based in the North West, we can provide an effective, temporary CCTV tower solution for your premises.
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