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Traffic Marshals

Any environment where pedestrians and vehicles can be found in the same area is a potential safety risk and one that requires the presence of an experienced traffic marshal. The role of these individuals is to maintain the flow of traffic around a given venue, liaising between the vehicle drivers and the site office, ensuring the safety of pedestrians, and providing a general security role. It is a multi-faceted job and one that requires trained professionals. Here at Marpol Security, we deliver exactly that to clients across the UK.


As one of the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our customers in terms of traffic marshals. Here is what you can expect from us:

An on-site risk assessment

Before arranging a traffic marshal for your site, we will need to take a look. We send one of our experienced security professionals to perform a detailed inspection of the site and to discuss the specific safety and security requirements with the site manager. From here, we can determine what role our traffic marshal has to play, whether one traffic marshal is enough to handle these duties, and other key considerations. Once you are happy with the solution we put together, we can put things in place.

Traffic management

This is the key role for any traffic marshal. Where there are large and loud vehicles – particularly on a construction or development site – proper co-ordination is essential. Our traffic marshals will ensure that traffic moves freely and safely, communicated with the drivers through radio equipment and hand signals. They will act as a liaison point between site management and the drivers, directing the vehicles safely to where they need to be.

Pedestrian safety

There is an inherent risk to anybody walking about on a site that is subject to heavy traffic. Our traffic marshals job is to minimise that risk. They ensure that all visitors are wearing the right safety equipment, maintain a visitors log, escort visitors across the site, if needed, and more. They will be the first point of contact for any visitors and will treat their safety as a top priority.

On-site security

Of course, all of our traffic marshals are fully-licensed with the SIA to perform general site security. This can involve signing visitors and staff in and out of the site, checking passes and authorisation, and preventing any unauthorised persons from entering.

The face of your company

Not only are our traffic marshals trained professionals, but they also look the part. They will arrive each day in their uniform, together with a high-visibility jacket so they may be seen anywhere on the site. Whether dealing with your staff, third-party employees, or members of the public, they are always polite, courteous, and respectful.

Who uses traffic marshals?

Traffic marshals are employed anywhere that you can find a large number of vehicles and pedestrians. Whilst the specifics of their job may vary from site-to-site, the general role remains the same – maintaining order and ensuring the safety of employees and visitors alike. At Marpol Security, we provide traffic marshal solutions to the following venues and more:

Construction sites

Educational centres

Development areas

Large-scale events

Theme Parks

Car Parks


A nationwide traffic marshal service

We provide traffic marshals to companies all over the UK. Wherever your venue is based, we have a team of fully-trained and experienced traffic marshals in your area, ready to go. Being a local crew, they will be familiar with the area and the people, leading to better communication across the site.



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