If you run a business in the East of England and require a custom security solution, look no further than Marpol Security. We provide bespoke security services across the region, from Bedford, Luton, and Basildon to Peterborough, Southend-on-Sea, Norwich, and beyond.


As the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our clients in the South East. Here are some of our more popular services.

CCTV Monitoring & Response

We install custom CCTV systems, designed to meet your property’s surveillance needs. All our systems are linked to a remote monitoring station that provides an instant response to any security breach.

Mobile Patrols

Our mobile security patrols cover all our clients’ buildings across the East of England. They provide random spot inspections, and provide immediate back-up should a break-in occur on your site.

Manned Guarding & Static Security

If you hire our staff to be on-site security, you can be assured you will receive impeccable service. These uniformed security specialists provide immediate protection for your property, customers, and staff.

Key Holding


The role of the key holder is to attend reports of any break-in or other security breach at your property. Our staff will liaise with police, inspect the scene, and secure the building in your absence.


Alarm Response

Our alarm response service ensures that one of our officers is at your property within minutes when a security alarm is triggered. They will take all necessary action, including an inspection of the scene and resetting the alarm.

Abandoned Cars

Have legal eviction notices applied within 48 hours and the car legally removed from your property within just 14 days.

Locking & Unlocking

Locking & Unlocking

If your staff open and close your premises at the same time each day, they could be putting themselves at risk. Our locking and unlocking service provides a fully-licensed security guard to handle the job, protecting your property and your staff.



From checking passes and signing in visitors, our concierge security perform a host of reception and front-of-house duties. These include making sure unwanted visitors are denied entry.

Fire Marshals

Fire Marshals

Our fully-trained and qualified fire marshals ensure the safety of your staff in the event of a fire. They train your fire wardens, perform risk assessments, and run fire drills at your building.

Void Properties

If you have a building standing empty, it’s an open target for squatters, vandals, and thieves. Let us keep it secure with regular vacant property inspection from trained professionals.

Insolvency Practitioners

In you have come into possession of a dissolved asset, we can help you secure it. We install steel window and door barriers, as well as providing risk assessment and inspection solutions.

Guard Dogs

We combined highly-trained guard dogs and experienced handlers into our effective K9 units. Ideal for larger business premises, requiring plenty of cover.

Marpol SMAS Accreditation