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Secure any location swiftly with Marpol Sentry, the latest rapidly deployable, state-of-the-art, portable protection device

Portable Site Protection In 4 Easy Steps

Marpol Sentry is an autonomous intrusion detection system designed for rapid deployment across a variety of locations.

It’s the perfect security solution for construction sites, open land, vacant properties, and anywhere else requiring immediate security cover.

Make An Enquiry

Call our 24/7 freephone call centre to make an enquiry. Our expert agents will discuss your requirements and arrange a free site visit and consultation.


Site Visit Audit

After a telephone consultation, a qualified Marpol Sentry specialist will visit your site to perform a detailed and comprehensive security audit to effectively incorporate the device into your security system.

Quick Installation & Deployment

Marpol Sentry is designed for rapid deployment. Our engineers ensure a quick installation process, giving you an effective deterrent and peace of mind for the duration of your project.

24/7 Rapid Response

If activations occur, alerts are verified through AI and our 24/7 control room, who can deploy one of our local rapid response teams within minutes.

Key Features

Cost-effective – nominal install fee & low weekly rental

360° coverage with intelligent detection algorithms

Rental includes monitoring by our 24/7 control room

Rapid response

Strong visual deterrent

Multiple units can be deployed as required

Remote surveillance

Portable - easily relocated as site evolves

Integration Options

The Marpol Sentry solution can integrate with a number of other devices across a site or property to offer a wider range of asset protection, including:

Fire Detection

Smoke Detection

Panic Alarm

Flood Detection

Water Flow Detection

Room Air Quality

Other relay-controlled devices

Additional stand-alone devices such as individual cameras and scaffolding alarms

Marpol Shield

Rapid Response

The Marpol team can provide the Marpol Sentry system to help you in emergency situations.

Whether short-term interim measures to defend premises or assets following a break-in, or a permanent installation to mitigate an ongoing safety threat.

The Ultimate In On-site Remote Security

Equipped with precision sensors and high-definition cameras, Marpol Sentry can locate all manner of trespassers on your property with pinpoint accuracy. Protect yourself from thieves, vandals, squatters, arsonists, and more with an all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing security set-up.

Additional Key features:

Built-in tampering alarm

IP55 waterproofing

Anti-masking system

Geofence reminder function

3-year battery life

High visibility

Resists heat up to +60° and can withstand cold down to −25°С

Two-way encrypted communication

Functionality detectors every 12 seconds

Ruggedised and sustainable manufacture

Programmable by scenario

Links up to 199 other devices

1700m range to other devices with option to extend to 2000m

Animal immunity up to 80cm tall

Example Applications

Vacant Property




Utilities Sites

Car Parks

Public Events

Power Stations

Your Questions Answered

1. Why Do I Need Marpol Sentry For My Property?

With open and vacant sites, there is always a risk of criminal and anti-social behaviour. You need a solution that correctly identifies and reports intruders to a dedicated rapid response team.

2. What are the costs associated with Marpol Sentry?

Marpol Sentry is a cost-effective solution, with a nominal installation fee & low weekly rental. We offer customised pricing options to suit your budget. Costs vary depending on the size and layout of your site, the number of devices needed, and the amount of integration with existing security measures.

3. What does Marpol Sentry actually do?

The Marpol Sentry system protects your site from unwanted intruders. A combination of sensors, cameras, and geofencing technology allows it to pinpoint anyone or anything attempting to access your premises outside of working hours.

4. Is Marpol Sentry Suitable For My Site?

Marpol Sentry is most commonly deployed in open locations such as construction sites, warehousing facilities, private land, vacant properties and so on. We carefully audit all sites that we protect, to ensure the Marpol Sentry is the right solution for you.

5. How long does it take to install and get up & Running?

While it can vary from site to site, Marpol Sentry is a fast deployment security solution. Our security engineers can install the device quickly and efficiently, integrating with any other security arrangements you might have.

6. What happens when the Marpol Sentry is triggered?

Marpol Sentry uses intelligent detection algorithms to accurately identify threats and will only trigger an alert if it detects a genuine risk. If activations occur, alerts are verified through AI and our alarm receiving centre, who can deploy one of our local rapid response teams within minutes.

7. What happens if my security needs change?

The Marpol Sentry unit is designed to be flexible. If your security requirements change, it is easy to move the unit to a new location, where it provides optimal coverage. Alternatively, if your site grows, we can have additional units deployed and installed as quickly as the first.


Available nationwide, Marpol Sentry is one of the easiest and most effective ways to deter intruders and criminals from your site. To find out how this innovative security solution can benefit you, call Marpol Security today on 08085 627 765 or send an email to

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