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Car parks are a common target for criminals. Whether they are car thieves, vandals, or even fly-tippers, sprawling car parks give them all the opportunity they need. At Marpol Security, we provide effective car park security packages to deter these people from your site.

Whether you need a manned security guard to check passes and confront unexpected visitors, or a remote monitored CCTV system to keep an eye on your car park during and outside business hours, we have the ideal package for you.

What Marpol Security can do for you

As one of the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our customers regarding car park security solutions. Here are some of our most popular services:

Site assessments

Site assessment and recommendations

However large or small your car park is, we recommend a site visit and full risk assessment from one of our experienced security consultants. These experienced security professionals will assess the unique requirements of your car park before putting together the ideal package to resolve those issues.

Manned Guarding

Manned security guards

A popular addition to many of the car park security packages we compile is manned security guards. Whether you need them to operate a security barrier, or to patrol the car park for unwanted visitors, we can accommodate you. Likewise we can provide a round-the-clock stationary guard, or one to cover business hours only.

CCTV Installations Featured img

CCTV surveillance systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is the most cost-effective way to keep an eye on an entire car park, however large it might be. At Marpol Security, we offer static CCTV, normally attached to the outside of your building. We also offer mobile CCTV towers, which operate on their own generator and can be placed anywhere. These are ideal for larger car parks and can be positioned to offer maximum coverage.

Video verified alarms

Video verified alarms

A video verified alarm is similar to CCTV, but only captures footage when it is triggered by movement. This footage is automatically transferred to your security team, or our monitoring centre so they can take the appropriate action.

CCTV monitoring

24/7 monitoring solutions

Both your CCTV feed and verified video alarm captures can be sent to our central monitoring team. They keep an eye on your car park on a round-the-clock basis, checking for security breaches. When they see one, they will take the necessary action – be it instructing our mobile patrol officers, the emergency services, or something else.

Security Barriers

Security barriers

A simple way to restrict access to your car park is the addition of a security barrier. Manned by one of our guards access can be granted to those visitors or employees with a reason to be there. We can also install automated barriers that can be accessed only with the appropriate security pass.

Concrete barriers

Concrete barriers

If your car park is to be left unused for an extended period of time, you may wish to employ a concrete barrier across the entranceway. This ensures that trespassers in a vehicle – travellers for instance – are unable to get through. It also prevents fly-tipping on your property, for much the same reason.


Your local construction site security solution

No matter where you’re based in the UK, Marpol Security can help you put together a hand-tailored car park security package that works for you. We have local teams of fully-trained security specialists in every part of the country. From the beaches at Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, we provide a local security presence that understands your area and its people.


For an effective car park security package anywhere in the UK, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 08085 627 765 or 0161 737 9991 for a free consultation, or email us a