As the North West’s foremost provider of K-9 security dogs, we can provide you with a highly-trained guarding dog for your premises, anywhere in the North West. Here are just a few of the advantages that they provide.

Security guard dog


Guards dogs are a highly effective deterrent for any premises that are left empty, whether overnight or for an extended period. The known presence of security dogs on a site is more discouraging to potential intruders than security cameras or a manned guard detail. Of course, that’s hardly a surprise. Not only are our guarding dogs faster than a human guard, their ability to detect the presence of an intruder are heightened, given their acute sense of smell and hearing. When you add the primal fear many people experience when confronted with a barking dog into the equation, it’s no wonder K-9 patrols are in such high demand.

Protect your property from theft or damage today, by investing in a canine unit from Marpol Security.

Highly-trained security dogs and handlers

Our guarding dog units consist of an animals and handler team, each of which are highly trained, both individually and as a pair, resulting in a special partnership. Utterly loyal and obedient to their handlers, our dogs are trained to only attack an intruder upon a direct command. This means that any other workers in your premises will be completely safe with one of our canine units on the grounds.

Common uses for canine units

Many clients are surprised to learn just how versatile a security dog team can be. In the years we have been in business, Marpol Security have provided canine units for organisations in all kinds of sectors, from construction sites and factories, to warehouses and shopping centres, and many more. Whilst useful in situations of all sizes, canine units prove particularly effective in sites that require a large area to be covered, as well as open area like large utilities premises, recycling centres, school grounds, and so on.

K-9 teams are especially popular for high-value assignments. Quite aside from being an efficient preventative security solution, the conspicuous presence of guarding dogs on the site is enough to deter an opportunistic intruder or organised criminal activity.

They are also commonly employed at farms, parks, and other stretches of common or privately owned land for moving on squatters, travellers, and other trespassers.

A dependable security solution

Working in unison, a team of dogs and handlers are the most effective form of on-site security. With their heightened sense to hearing and smell, our dogs are able to locate any intruder, no matter how well hidden.

Their speed and agility make short work of any chase, and their ferocity – tempered of course by their obedience to their handler – ensures a successful outcome should they come across an unwanted interloper. Such efficiency, at little more than the cost of a manned guarding solution, makes them a cost-effective choice for any business.

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Associate Company Member of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU)

Marpol Security is pleased to announce that we have recently become an Associate Company Member of the National Association of Security Dog Users (NASDU). Established in 1996, the organisation promotes standards, education, and training for dog handlers across the private security sector.

NASDU is a recognised and well-respected organisation within the UK security industry. It is recognised by the British Standards Institute, the Security Industry Authority, Skills for Security, the Home Office, and many others.

Our Associate Company Member status demonstrates our commitment to the well-being and safety of the highly-trained security dogs that make up our canine units. Likewise, it shows our dedication to the safety of their handlers, our clients, their staff, and customers.



Wherever you are based in the North West, we can arrange for one of our trained K-9 teams to defend your property.
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