Fixed CCTV Installations

Bespoke fixed CCTV installations and other services available nationwide

As many companies are left with empty buildings during this unprecedented national lockdown, it becomes more important than ever to ensure somebody is keeping a close eye on your business premises. At Marpol Security, we can provide a fixed CCTV solution – uniquely tailored to the needs of your business – that does just that.

An end-to-end fixed CCTV solution

No company puts more thought into its fixed CCTV installations than Marpol Security. From our initial assessment of your property, through a detailed design process, to professional installation, we provide exceptional service throughout. Once your system has been successfully installed, we continue to aid you with remote monitoring services and full technical support.


A bespoke design

Our first step in providing an effective fixed CCTV solution is to visit the site. From here, our security experts are able to draw up an installation design that offers maximum coverage of your business premises. Since every layout is different, so every design is hand-tailored to meet your specific requirements.

High-quality cameras and accessories

A CCTV surveillance system is only as good as its cameras. Fortunately for our clients, here at Marpol Security, we only use the best. These high-resolution cameras are able to take clear footage in all lighting conditions and are equipped with night-vision lenses for accurate protection during the hours of darkness. They also come equipped with optional extras like loudspeakers and floodlights, intended to offer further deterrence to intruders.


Experienced fixed CCTV installers

The team at Marpol Security has more than two decades of relevant, hands-on experience with installing fixed CCTV systems. Our team of security experts have a long background in the security industry, as well as the police and other associated positions. We understand better than anyone the necessity of proper surveillance equipment in keeping your property safe, and we bring these years of experience to bear at every opportunity.

An instant response

Your fixed CCTV system is connect to our remote monitoring centre, where our team of security professionals will keep an eye on your premises round-the-clock. Should they witness any unusual activity with your building’s perimeter, they will take immediate action. This could take the form of a verbal warning to the potential intruder, the turning on of floodlights, or contacting one of our mobile patrols in the area to investigate.

A cost effective security solution

Whatever size business you run and whatever budget you have for security measures, we can put together a bespoke CCTV solution for you. We perform CCTV installations for companies of every budget, all over the country.


Whatever sort of business you operate, a fixed CCTV system is a crucial security measure during lockdown. For more information, or to arrange a free consultation from one of our security experts, call Marpol Security today, or email us at