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Public sector premises such as hospitals, schools, and local authority buildings require a unique security solution to ensure the safety of their staff and visitors. Here at Marpol Security, we have decades of accumulated experience delivering exactly that. Our fully-trained and licensed security personnel ensure a high standard of protection for all manner of public sector properties.

What Marpol Security can do for you

As one of the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our customers regarding public sector security solutions. Here are some of our most popular services:

Site assessments

Site assessment and recommendations

Before we can put together the perfect public sector security solution for your building, we need to investigate your particular requirements. This involves one of our senior security consultants visiting the site and performing a full risk assessment. We can determine the level of security needed to protect your building, staff, and visitors, without encroaching on the vital work they do. From there, we can put together a security package that covers those requirements.


Concierge security

Whichever part of the public sector you belong to, having trained security officers in your reception area sends a strong message. It shows you are committed to the safety of staff, patients, students, and visitors, Our front-of-house security staff are there to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the building, as well as intervening to prevent or break up disturbances on site. They also provide a range of reception services, including checking and assigning passes and identification.

Manned Guarding

Manned security guards

We also provide manned or static security guards outside the reception area. These security specialists patrol the perimeter of your building, ensuring nobody is doing anything they shouldn’t. They are particularly useful for hospitals and schools that have a large or shared car park, as well as for moving on individuals who are loitering around the premises with no good reason for doing so.

Bed Watch Services

Bed watch services

Specific to the NHS sector, we provide essential bed watch services for patients known to be a danger to themselves or others. Our security staff are fully-trained in both communication and restraint techniques, making them a valuable asset to any ward with at-risk patients.

CCTV monitoring

CCTV surveillance solutions

As well as a physical security presence, we also provide state-of-the-art CCTV facilities for public sector buildings. Our high-resolution cameras can be set up to cover the interior and exterior of your building. Their video feed is sent directly to our central monitoring unit. They operate on a 24/7 basis, keeping a watchful eye on your property. Should they witness a security breach or other disturbance, they will take the appropriate action, contacting your on-site security team, or one of our mobile patrols.

Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols

Every security solution we put in place has round-the-clock back-up from one of our local mobile patrols. These security specialists drive around the local area, attending to various security tasks for our clients. They can perform random inspections on your buildings outside of regular working hours, to ensure there has been no attempt at a break-in. They also provide essential support for our on-site security staff, in case of a disturbance, and act as first responders for our monitoring team in the event of a security breach.


SIA-licensed security professionals

We understand that, as a part of the public sector, you are often held more accountable for the safety of stakeholders, staff, and visitors. Every member of the Marpol Security team is a highly-trained and fully-licensed security expert with years of experience in the industry. They can be relied upon to be polite and professional when dealing with the public and your staff alike. They are always smartly turned out in full uniform, delivering a positive first impression of your institution.


Your local public sector security solution

We work with public sector businesses across the country, from local councils and schools to NHS Trusts and universities. Wherever you are based, we have a team of experienced security professionals in your part of the country, ready to help.


For an effective public sector security package anywhere in the UK, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 08085 627 765 or 0161 737 9991 for a free consultation, or email us a