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If you work in the retail sector, you already know the importance of effective security in your store. In the 2018/2019 tax year, over 375,000 shoplifting offences were recorded by the police. This shocking figure doesn’t even take into consideration those offences that went unseen and those that we dealt with in-store.

At Marpol Security, we understand the benefits of having the right security package in place for your store. We provide hand-tailored security solutions for our customers across the UK, each one designed to meet the specific needs of your retail property.

What Marpol Security can do for you

As one of the UK’s leading security specialists, we have much to offer our customers regarding retail security solutions. Here are some of our most popular services:

Site assessments

Shop assessment and recommendations

Before we agree to a retail security contract, we always want to visit your store and conduct a full risk assessment. Every shop is different in terms of its size, layout, and security requirements. In order to put together a retail security package that works for you and your customers, one of our security experts needs to inspect your store.

Manned Guarding

Manned security guards

Manned or static security guards are a staple of any retail outlet. Whether you prefer them stationed at the front of the store to confront would-be shoplifters, or actively patrolling the aisles we can provide you with the manned security solution you need. All our static security guards are highly-trained and bring many years of experience with them to the job.


Queue control solutions

Many shops have limited the number of customers they will allow into their store as a consequence of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To ensure people comply with the latest regulations and maintain social distancing, a lot of these stores are employing additional security staff to monitor and control the flow of customers. These highly-trained security professionals will keep track of the numbers entering and leaving the store, as well as dealing with any frustrated customers who may cause trouble in the queue.

CCTV Installations Featured img

CCTV surveillance systems

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is a crucial part of any effective retail security package. It provides a direct feed to both your in-store security team, as well as our remote monitoring centre. This allows our security professionals to intervene immediately if they spot some shoplifting or causing a disturbance in your store. Most importantly, it also provide essential visual evidence, should you decide to prosecute.

Mobile Patrols

Immediate back-up teams

At Marpol Security, we operate mobile patrols across the entire country. Wherever we have a security contract in place, our mobile patrols are performing essential duties for our clients, such as random checks and vacant property investigations. As part of their remit, they can be called in at any moment by your on-site security team, should they require assistance. If a customer has become violent or they need to deal with a gang of possible shoplifters, for instance, our mobile patrols can be there within minutes to provide essential back-up to their colleagues.

CCTV monitoring

24/7 monitoring solutions

All the retail security arrangements in your store can be overseen by our own remote monitoring team. They work in shifts, keeping a close eye on your CCTV feed and being in permanent contact with both your static security guards and our mobile patrols in the area. They act as an extra layer of protection for you and our security staff. Should they witness any unusual activity on the cameras they can inform our on-site team to take immediate action. In the unlikely event of a major incident, they can instruct our mobile patrols in the area to provide assistance.


Your local retail security solution

Wherever your shop is located, we can find a team of local security professionals to assist you. Marpol Security has staff all over the UK, from Scotland to the South coast. They all live locally, so will already be familiar with the area and the people. We put together bespoke retail security packages that make the most of our team’s local knowledge, giving you and your customers peace of mind in the process.


For an effective retail security package anywhere in the UK, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 08085 627 765 or 0161 737 9991 for a free consultation, or email us a