As the region’s top provider of security services and personnel, we can provide you with a keyholding team who are available at a moment’s notice, 24 hours a day. Here are just some of the services they can provide.




When it comes to key holding, companies in Manchester and across the North West often entrust the responsibility to a designated employee. This member of staff is then expected to respond to any out-of-hours emergencies that take place in your business premises, attending the building in the event of an alarm being triggered, or emergency services being called, and potentially putting themselves at personal risk, depending on the nature of the incident. That is a lot of pressure to put on a colleague, especially one who, in all likelihood, had not anticipated these sorts of duties when they first applied to the company.

Better by far to entrust the position of key holder to a third party: a trained security professional available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week


As the key holder, our security officer will be the first port of call from your alarm response company every time your internal or external security alarms are triggered outside of office hours. They will attend the scene and grant access (if necessary) to the building for any relevant parties, including the police and investigating officers. They will remain on the scene for a long as required, and if possible, ensure to reset the alarm and lock up the building securely as they leave.


Likewise, if the emergency services are called to your building out of hours, the first person they will get in touch with is our key holder. This holds true in the event of break in, fire, or anything else requiring the attention of the emergency services. Our key holder will attend the scene and liaise with the relevant authorities on site to ascertain the cause of the trouble, and to determine any damage to the building itself.


Whether due to an alarm or a call from the police or fire brigade, our key holding officers remain at the scene until everybody else has dispersed. They then ensure that the building has been locked up tight again, and any immediate security issues (broken doors, smashed windows and the like) have been attended to.

They will then compile a detailed report based on their own findings and those of the police, where appropriate which they will forward onto you using a client specific agreed protocol to be agreed between us.

These reports are compiled for every call out – even those that prove to be false alarms – and will include recommendations for further security measures, where needed.


If you run a company in the Greater Manchester region, or anywhere across the North West and are looking to delegate your key holder duties to a reliable and trusted security firm, make your first – and only – call to Marpol Security today