Check out recent crime statistics for your local area

At Marpol Security, our job is to keep you safe. Hiring us to put together an integrated security solution for your home or business is an investment that repays itself over and over again. But just how safety-conscious do you need to be? Knowing your local area and the levels of crime that it experiences is just part of the process we undertake when planning your security package.

It is generally accepted that the larger the town or city and the more densely populated it is, the higher the incidences of crime. It is further assumed that largely urban areas of the country experiences higher rates of crime than rural ones. Whilst there is certainly some validity to that argument, it rarely holds true right down the line.

Police UK

Police crime statistics search tool

To get a better understanding of how crime is affecting your own hometown or city, you need to take a look at the recent statistics.

Fortunately, there is an excellent tool available for you do just that. Simply click on the button below to visit the Police UK website. Enter your postcode in the search box provided and you will discover the number of reported crimes in the last month. You can go back, month-by-month to see overall trends in the local crime rate and you can break down the figures even further into categories, including property crime, anti-social behaviour, and violent crime.


If viewing the crime statistics in your own area has given you pause for thought, get in touch with the team at Marpol Security today. We provide hand-tailored security solutions for commercial and private customers alike, personally crafted to meet the specific needs of you and the area in which you live.




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