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While we offer a range of security solutions to our clients in London, few are more effective that a canine unit when it comes to deterring intruders. There is something primal about the presence of a large, intimidating animal – even one as highly trained as our security dogs – that puts off all but the most determined trespassers.

We provide K9 teams – including both dogs and handlers – to businesses in the City of London and across all 32 boroughs.


As London’s leading provider of canine units, we have much to offer companies in the capital. Here are some of the services we provide:

Highly-trained K-9 units

We train our security dogs and their handlers together, as a single unit. This instils a sense of loyalty and camaraderie between the animals and the handler, which can be crucial during the course of their assignment. The dogs will only respond to commands from their handler, including the command to attack. This means that any of your staff working on-site will be completely safe when our guard dogs are around.

A dependable security solution

Canine units are a highly effective manned security service. The handlers are fully-licensed security personnel with years of experience. The dogs are fast, powerful, and obedient. Between them, they are able to defend your property against any kind of intruder, quickly and efficiently.

A versatile security service

Canine units are a popular choice for businesses across London. Their versatility makes them the perfect addition to any security package in a wide variety of industry sectors. They are in common use in warehouses, factories, and construction sites – anywhere where people may be tempted to steal equipment or stock. They are also highly-prized in outdoor venues, such as farms, parks, stately home grounds, and more.

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