We already have a number of mobile patrols in the North West, covering most of the region as they move from one engagement to another. Wherever your business is based in and around the North West area, we’re sure to be able to include you on one of our existing mobile security patrols routes. If not, then we will be happy to start a new one, to ensure that your company gets the security solution it deserves.

Marpol Security Mobile-Patrols

Cost-effective mobile security patrols

ACROSS the North West and beyond

Here at Marpol Security, we want to provide customers old and new with peace of mind, with a number of security solutions to help them protect their properties.

Mobile security patrols in the North West

Mobile security patrols are one of the key services we provide to our customers across the North West. With patrols operating in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Cheshire, Merseyside, and North Wales, they are a highly-effective deterrent against potential intruders. We are happy to add your premises to an existing route, or create a new one for your area if one doesn’t exist yet.

External inspections for business properties in North West

One of the key tasks performed by our mobile security patrols is checking the exterior of your building for signs of damage or intrusion. Our fully-licensed security professionals will also ensure that all your windows and doors are fully secure.

Marked patrol vehicles across North West

It is our experience that the very presence of mobile security patrols is enough to deter many would-be intruders. This is why all our vehicles are clearly marked as such, sending a message to thieves and vandals across our routes that their behaviour will not be tolerated.

Dedicated to their craft, our mobile security patrols perform a complete exterior inspection of your building each time they visit, checking windows, doors, and other potential points of entry, as well as alarm systems and CCTV set-ups to make sure everything is in order.

If you wish, we can also perform an interior sweep of the building, checking it from head to toe, whenever we do our rounds.


If you run a North West business that needs a mobile security patrol solution, call Marpol Security today.
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