Essential locking and unlocking services

across Warrington

If your place of business opens and closes at the same time each day, this could pose a potential risk, both to your premises and the member of staff you entrust with locking and unlocking the building each day. Local criminals often scout businesses in their area, making notes of their opening and closing times, as these are when the building is at its most vulnerable. With minimal staff on site, they are a prime target for forced entry.

By delegating the locking and unlocking of your building to Marpol Security, you help ensure the safety of your property and your employees alike. We perform this service for companies across Warrington, including ones in Appleton, Birchwood, Culcheth, Great Sankey, Hatton, Lymm, Penketh, Stockton Heath, Woolston, and beyond.


As Warrington’s leading provider of locking and unlocking services, we have much to offer companies across the town. Here are some of the services we provide:

Locking down

We arrange for one of our experienced security professionals to visit your property, just before it is due to be shut down for the night. As well as ensuring all staff have left the building, they will also inspect the property, walking floor-to-floor and making sure all windows and fire doors are shut. Once satisfied there in no-one left in the building, they will set your alarm and lock up.

Mobile patrols

While your building is locked down, we are still keeping a careful eye on it. We have mobile patrols that cover the whole of Warrington and drive past on our clients’ properties several times a night. Should they spot anything unusual during the night, they will pull over to investigate. They will also stop off at random points to ensure all your ground-floor doors and windows are locked.

Opening up

When it’s time for your building to open up, our locking and unlocking officer will be there before any of your employees to do just that. With the alarm switched off, they will perform another sweep of the building to make sure all things are as they should be. They will then wait for your team to arrive and begin their working day.


For locking and unlocking services across Warrington, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765, or email us on info@marpol.co.uk, o arrange a free consultation with one of our expert security professionals.