Experienced and professional retail security guards

across the UK

As the UK continues to be under lock down, one of the few commercial sectors permitted to continue operating are food and drink retail businesses. From small corner shops to massive supermarkets, these businesses and their key worker staff have had to adapt their trading practices to make sure staff and customers alike are maintaining social distancing. As we look towards a future where more retail establishments may be allowed to open, similar measures will have to be adopted there.

For this reason, there has never been a more appropriate time to invest in retail security guards for your shop.

The importance of retail security guards

A key element of the social distancing measures that have been put in place, is the limiting of the number of people allowed in a shop at any one time. Different shops have different rules, depending on their size and layout, but most supermarkets are experiencing long queues out the door. As such, retail security guards are acting both as responsive security inside the store and crowd control outside. Their presence helps to ensure there is no scuffling or fighting as people wait in line, or that it is swiftly resolved when it happens.

Reduce the risk

Of course, it is not just heightened tensions among your customers that can expose your business to risk. With many high streets looking like ghost towns, and police concentrating on keeping public gatherings to a minimum, many criminals see this as a perfect opportunity for shoplifting and other crimes. Our retail security staff are well-trained in spotting, apprehending, and restraining such people, with creating alarm among your other customers. In the event of an incident, they have the full support of our in-house control room on a round-the-clock basis, who can arrange for our rapid response drivers to attend the scene.

Highly-trained and qualified security specialists

All our retail security staff are highly-trained and fully-licenced security personnel. They bring years of experience with them to each job they are assigned to. This is your guarantee of a quality service in these unusual circumstances. Our staff are always smartly dressed, polite, and professional to both your staff and your customers.



However large or small your retail outlet, the right security staff can make all the difference. For more information, or to arrange a free consultation from one of our security experts, call Marpol Security today, or email us at