We already have a number of mobile patrols in the Merseyside area, covering most of the region as they move from one engagement to another. Wherever your business is based in and around the Merseyside area, we’re sure to be able to include you on one of our existing mobile security patrols routes. If not, then we will be happy to start a new one, to ensure that your company gets the security solution it deserves.

Marpol Security Mobile-Patrols

Cost-effective mobile security patrols

ACROSS Merseyside and beyond

With the UK currently in a position of lockdown, thousands of businesses across Merseyside are standing empty. Here at Marpol Security, we have several solutions available – for new and existing clients alike – to help you secure your premises during this difficult period.

Mobile security patrols in Merseyside

We already run several mobile security patrols across Merseyside, including ones in Liverpool, the Wirral, St Helens, Southport, and Bootle. From long experience, we can tell you this is one of the most effective deterrents to thieves, vandals, and other intruders. If you are based along one of our routes, we can include you in an existing mobile security patrol. If not – we are more than happy to start a new one to ensure the safety of your company.

External inspections for business properties in Merseyside

A key role for our mobile security patrols is to make sure nobody has tampered with your premises whilst they are unattended. Our fully-licensed security personnel will perform an external check of your building, making sure all doors and windows are secure.

Marpol mobile response

Short-term mobile security patrol contracts in Merseyside

We fully expect the current lockdown to be lifted sooner than later. Consequently, we do not expect our new clients to be tied down to an extended mobile security patrol contract that they may have no need for in the near future. Therefore, we are offering short-term security solutions to our Merseyside clients, which you can review once the lock down period is over.

Marked patrol vehicles across Merseyside

With the region under lockdown, vehicles should be a rare enough sight on the road as it is. We ensure that all our mobile security patrol vehicles bear clear markings, to deter any would-be intruders in the area.


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