Fast, Effective Security with Our Mobile Asset Protection System

Impressive Detection Range

With their four fixed HD cameras, these mobile CCTV systems have a detection range of up to 70 metres and a 360-degree field of vision. This, combined with the fact that they can be easily repositioned, means we can cover your entire grounds with fewer units, saving you money without skimping on coverage.


Intelligent Technology

With advanced object recognition technology, MAPS will only trigger an alert when it is appropriate, ignoring things like local wildlife entering the area. Meanwhile, camera masking allows sensitive areas of your premises to be hidden from view.


Effective Deterrant

Scaring trespassers from your site is often the most effective way to deal with them. Standing 1.6m tall, weighing in at 60kg, and covered in fluorescent decals, the MAPS tower is designed to be seen. It is fitted with powerful LED lights and ultra-loud speakers that can issue live or pre-recorded audio challenges to intruders.



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