Commercial assets tracking solutions

Commercial assets

Commercial assets tracking solutions

across the UK

White goods and other commercial assets are expensive and essential items found in virtually every home in the country. Such assets include refrigerators and dishwashers, cookers and boilers, tools and equipment, such as diggers and pressure washers. Being both valuable and in demand makes them prime targets for thieves, especially when left unattended in new builds, construction plots, and warehouses.

With an assets tracking solution from Marpol Security, you can ensure the safety and security of your goods, wherever they are held in bulk.

Professional assets tracking solutions

At Marpol Security, we provide first-class tracking solutions for our customers across the UK. These comprise sufficient GPS tracking devices to cover your stock, as well as a proprietary app for tracking their location. Between them, they form an effective security package to prevent the theft of your commercial assets and appliances.



Tracker Beforetracker after

Discreet GPS tracking devices

We recommend attaching one GPS tracker for every two assets you’re intending to protect. In our experience, thieves don’t tend to just take one of your items. These trackers are discreet and well-protected devices, small enough to fit in a pocket. Their waterproof magnetic casing keeps them safe in all conditions and lets you attach them anywhere on the appliance.

Programmable safety zones

The key to our tracking service is the setting up of safety zones. These set up an area within which the assets can be moved with impunity – such as the boundaries of a construction site, for instance. Once one of the trackers breach that safety zone, either you or our monitoring team (or both) are immediately alerted to the fact.

Powerful tracking application

Once the GPS trackers are set, you can monitor the positions of your assets on a bespoke tracking app. This can be accessed on your desktop or laptop computers, or any mobile device. Not only can you see where each appliance is at the moment, but you can pull up a full tracking history. This shows where the items are being moved to, at what time, whether they stopped at a certain point (perhaps to be changed over to a different vehicle or owner), and so much more. It’s a valuable tool for our mobile patrols at the time of the robbery, and for the police in the subsequent investigation.

Immediate action and support

By arranging your assets tracker package through Marpol Security, your appliances are covered by our remote monitoring service. As soon as the trackers move outside of your pre-set safety zone, we receive an alert by text or email. Our monitoring team will contact one of our mobile security patrols in your area, who can be on the scene within minutes.


A nationwide tracking solution

From our main office in Greater Manchester, we provide assets tracking solutions across the UK. Wherever you’re based, we have local security specialists on hand to install and set-up your tracking system. They will advise on the most effective way to place the trackers, and the ideal set up for your safety zone.


For more details regarding our assets tracking solutions, call Marpol Security on 0808 562 7765, or email us at A member of our team will be happy to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced security experts.