Commercial Eviction Services

Commercial Eviction Services

available across the UK

From farmland and public parks, to private land and car parks, open spaces are always at risk to trespassing by travellers, squatters, protestors, and more. Not only is it an invasion of your property, in sufficient numbers they can be intimidating to locals, as well as damaging to your land.

At Marpol Security we offer an extensive selection of commercial eviction services to landowners across the UK that deal with exactly this sort of problem.

Commercial eviction services

At Marpol Security, we pride ourselves on providing a fast and efficient commercial eviction service for all our clients. The vast majority of instructions to evict are successfully concluded within 48 hours. Our eviction agents have years of experience in the industry, working closely with local authorities and solicitors to ensure that everything is handled discreetly, safely, and by the book.


Common law evictions

Our eviction agents operate under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. This allows for the immediate service of site and land evictions under Common Law. These rights apply to all landowners and landlords and may be invoked against anybody setting up encampments on your land without permission. This includes gypsies, squatters, political and social protestors, new age travellers, and any other group. It can also be applied to commercial tenants who have failed to pay rent, bills, or other levies, yet refuse to move on following a formal request. It is a simple and effective legal construct, that does not require Court Approval to be enforced.

Site clearance

Whomever has had possession of your land – be they travellers, squatters, or even former tenants – they are unlikely to take all their refuse with them once they are moved on. In addition to providing commercial eviction services, we can also arrange for a professional site cleaning to take place. This involves removing all trash and debris from your land, restoring it to how it was beforehand.

Post-eviction services

Once our team have successfully moved on any trespassers, it is important that processes are put in place to prevent them from simply coming back in a day or two. Depending on your particular situation, we have a range of solutions available to you:

Risk assessment:

our first step would be to perform a detailed risk assessment, to work out any fundamental weaknesses in your current security set-up. From here, we can put together

Site securing:

a simple, static solution to travellers, protestors, and other trespassers is to make it more difficult to access your land. We can install concrete barriers at key entry points, as well as fencing and bollards around the perimeter.

Manned guards:

we can provide you with on-site manned security who will patrol your land to ensure nobody trespasses onto your property. Fully-trained and licensed, they provide an immediate deterrent to any would-be trespassers.

Trespass Response Team:

if your site is a regular target for unwanted visitors, invest in our Trespass Response Team subscription service. This ensures a speedy response from our eviction specialists the moment trespassers arrive on your land, preventing them the opportunity to settle themselves.

A nationwide eviction solution

We operate from our main office in Greater Manchester, but have eviction agents working across the UK. No matter where your land is located, we will have a team of fully-licensed eviction specialists in your area. They will all be local to you and familiar with both the region and the people.



For more details regarding our commercial eviction solutions, give Marpol Security a call on 0808 562 7765, or email us on, A member of our team will be happy to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced security experts.