Five tangible benefits of outsourcing your CCTV surveillance

Here at Marpol Security, we have assisted many residential and commercial clients with their CCTV surveillance needs. For the benefit of our existing customers, as well as anyone considering upgrading their protective measures, we have outlined five tangible benefits of outsourcing your CCTV surveillance.

1. Round-the-clock monitoring

Unless you employ security staff on your premises on a 24/7 basis, the odds are that you’re running a passive CCTV system. In effect, this is a recording of the feed from your bank of cameras and nothing more. With a remote monitoring CCTV solution, there will be a team of security experts keeping an eye on your camera feed in real-time. What this means for your business is an instant reaction to any suspicious activity, coupled with a rapid response to minimise damage.

2. Multi-functional CCTV packages

As we monitor your CCTV feed, we can do more than simply watch the proceedings as a would-be intruder tries to enter your property. By combining the cameras with such equipment as security lights, sensors and loudspeakers, the monitoring team is able to take direct action. The sudden triggering of a security light overhead, accompanied by a verbal warning to vacate the premises is enough to ward off all but the most determined trespasser, before any damage is done.


3. Real-time visual evidence

Let’s assume an act of vandalism occurs against your property during the night. The first thing you know about it is when your staff turn up in the morning to open up. On a passive CCTV system you are forced to make your way through hours and hours of video footage in order to locate the offence. With a remote monitoring solution, the team will have already spotted the vandalism as it took place, and marked the position on the recording. Furthermore, the footage will have shown verbal and visual warnings delivered at the time. This increases the possibility of a conviction when the matter goes to court. Thereby heightening the deterrent in the future.

4. Instant intervention

Regardless of whether or not our warnings go unheeded, we send in people to intervene. Depending on the circumstances, this would be a mobile patrol unit made up of trained security personnel, and possibly the police themselves. This means that fully-licensed professionals will be on the scene within minutes to secure the premises and remove or detain the intruders.


5. An active response to intruders

It all comes down to this. Outsourcing your CCTV surveillance to a third party security firm, such as Marpol, means that you are able to fight criminal activity on your terms. More importantly it means that you can prevent intruders from entering and/or damaging your property rather than just clearing up after the event. A bespoke CCTV surveillance package vastly decreases opportunities for property crime against your premises by disrupting the event when it happens.

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