Five tangible benefits to running a security risk assessment

Five tangible benefits to running a security risk assessment

At Marpol Security we have spent over a quarter of a century providing our commercial clients across the North West with the very best in bespoke security solutions. We know that no two companies’ security requirements are the same, which is why we create hand-tailored security packages for our clients. From manned guarding and remote CCTV surveillance, to mobile patrols and concierge security, there are so many variables to consider.

So how does any given company know the best security measures to implement?

Simply put, they run a risk assessment.

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is a process for strengthening your company’s security by identifying its current weaknesses. It doesn’t actually change anything, but rather provides a template to improve one’s security initiatives going forward. In addition to the obvious advantage of recognising the holes in your security structure, a risk assessment offers several other tangible benefits.

Here are just a few of them…

1. Identifying problems and determining solutions

A security risk assessment consists of an overview of your entire security system, from physical barriers like locks and shutters, through deterrents like security lights and alarms, to active response like CCTV surveillance and manned guarding. For each element, the assessor will determine if the process currently in place is fit for purpose for the size and nature of your company.

Once any vulnerabilities have been identified, the assessor will produce a list of recommendations that will plug the gaps in your security profile. They may recommend more than one alternative for you to choose from, but each suggestion should involve a cost/risk analysis.

2. Justify investment in security

We know that all companies have a spending budget and usually multiple demands on their resources. With a risk assessment all security solutions are fully costed vs. the chance of loss should an intruder circumvent your existing system. This allows you effectively budget your security solutions and determine the return on investment you will receive by reducing the opportunity for property damage or theft.

3. Demonstrate due diligence

A comprehensive security solution offers great advantages outside your company’s immediate premises. By demonstrating that you have tightened the security loopholes in your existing system, your business becomes more attractive to investors, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, and many more.


4. Employee education

As part of the risk assessment, an assessor will need free access to the building. Having an unknown person wandering around with a tablet and poking into every corner may raise some eyebrows among your staff. This is a perfect time to explain the purpose of the assessment to them, and to refresh their memories in respect of on- and off-site security. Whether you take on the new proposals or not, raising employee awareness of correct security procedures is only ever a good thing.

5. Employee morale

Running a risk assessment proves to your employees that you value them and that you care about their safety. By explaining it to them as such you can help to increase morale which, in turn, increases productivity across the board.

Are you concerned that your current security arrangements might not be up to scratch? Give the team at Marpol Security a call today on 08085 627 765 or email us at and let us arrange a full security risk assessment for you.