Five ways to effectively secure vacant and void properties

When it comes to breaking and entering, vandalism, arson, and other property crimes, most trespassers tend to be opportunistic in nature. This is what makes void and vacant properties across the North West such appealing targets for these kinds of intruders.

At Marpol Security, we have worked with hundreds of business across the region assisting them with managing these empty premises. Clients as far apart as Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire, and North Wales have benefitted from our years of experience in the industry.

On that basis, we have put together the following list of five ways to effectively secure vacant and void properties for our existing and future customers alike.

1. Risk assessment

A risk assessment is just that – a way of determining the specific risks associated with your void property. The results of a risk assessment are often eye-opening. Not only do they detail opportunities for intruders, they cover the security measures in place to mitigate against them. Most importantly, a risk assessment will advise the best way to protect your empty building.


2. Doors

If there is nobody at your property, you can’t rely on the existing lock to keep out intruders. Even the sturdiest door can be popped open with a few determined kicks to the right weak spot. You can upgrade to a high-grade security lock to prevent easy tampering, though it may be wiser to invest in a security shutter, or a metal security door.

3. Windows

Windows are an easier target than doors if someone is already aware that your building is empty. This is especially true if the property in question is in an isolated area, unlikely to be troubled by the sound of breaking glass. You have a range of options here, including bars, shutters, and boards – all of which are effective deterrents.

4. Cameras and lights

A CCTV set-up can often be enough to put-off even the most determined trespasser. After all, the last thing these people want is to end up with their faces on camera. Here at Marpol Security, we specialise in monitored CCTV solutions, which add their own little twist. A combination of security lights, cameras, and speakers ensure that a would-be intruder is fully visible to our cameras, as one of our operators instructs them to leave the property immediately through the loudspeaker.


5. Inspections

Regular inspections are a key part of managing your vacant and void properties. They serve two purposes. First, if anybody is keeping an eye on the building, they will be able to see people coming and going at intervals, which may be enough to make them think twice. More importantly, these inspections ensure that all the rest of your security measures are fully-operational.


Are you responsible for a void or vacant property, anywhere in the North West? Are you concerned that your existing security measures might not be up to scratch? Give Marpol Security a call today on 08085 627 765 or email and speak to one of team members. We’ll be happy to arrange a consultation between you and one of our experienced security advisors.