Getting Your House in Order

Getting your house in order: front-of-house security teams for the hospitality industry

New legislation introduced this month included the introduction of a 10pm curfew for pubs, restaurants, and cafes across the UK. Along with recent restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather together – the “Rule of Six” – many in the hospitality industry are facing a new set of challenges.

At Marpol Security, we are constantly working with our customers to assist them in whatever way we can as guidance and legislation continues to change. Our crack team of security experts put together new and innovative solutions that we believe will help our clients adhere to the latest rules, whilst protecting their customers, staff, and premises.

Front-of-house security team

Introducing a front-of-house (or concierge, if your prefer) security team to you hospitality venue is a simple, yet effective way to achieve both these aims, whilst also managing your customers expectations. Each member of the team is highly-trained and fully-licensed security professional, able to offer a host of benefits to your business.

Queue control

With the curfew affecting the number of sittings in your restaurant, more customers may be turning up within a smaller time frame each day. This could lead to queuing outside your premises. Our concierge staff can advise customers of likely waiting times, instruct them on which direction to queue, ensure they’re not blocking the entrance or exit, and so on.

On-site security

These are emotional times for many of us and, if people are drinking on your premises, those emotions aren’t always kept under control. If there is a physical disturbance at your establishment our security team are well-trained to break things up and remove people, if needs be.

Front-of-house duties

As well as security, our team can also perform certain front-of-house duties for you. They can take the names of customers who have booked tables in advance, and take down the contact details of queuing customers to assist with tracking and tracing.

Crowd dispersal

We expect most customers to follow these new rules to the letter. However, if some don’t and start milling about in larger groups, or refusing to leave at curfew time, our security staff will be able to move them on. Should the situation require it, they can call upon our mobile patrol teams in your local area to provide back-up.


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