Planning your security requirements

Predicting the Unpredictable: Planning Your Security Requirements

As anybody following the news will know, the lifting of remaining coronavirus restrictions is no longer taking place on 21st June 2021, as originally planned. It was recently announced that a short delay is needed to allow more people to be vaccinated to curb the spread of the new Delta variant, forcing the final stage of the government’s COVID-19 recovery roadmap to 19th July 2021 at the earliest.

What does this mean for businesses across all sectors who are assessing their security needs for the second half of the year? How can you plan ahead without knowing what the future will bring? In this article, we look at ways that you can optimise your security situation even when faced with uncertainty about the future.

Conduct a Security Risk Assessment

While nothing may have changed from last month, if you were planning to reopen in June, you need to reassess your security needs both for this month and the next. At Marpol Security, we can provide a full risk assessment and offer professional advice on the best way to ensure your security needs are met. You may be able to make good use of some security services prior to the final lifting of restrictions, only building on them once we are given the all clear by government.


Check Your Insurance Policies

If you have any buildings standing empty, now is a good time to take another look at your insurance coverage. In the event of a break in, many insurers will only pay out if you can demonstrate that you have kept a close eye on the premises while it was vacant. Your policy should indicate how often your insurers expect you to check on the building. Once you know, we can arrange regular inspections, fully logged and recorded for the benefit of any future claim.

Temporary CCTV Surveillance

An alternative to regular building checks is a temporary CCTV tower trained on your property or venues. These cost-effective surveillance solutions can be erected quickly outside your premises and provide a real-time video feed to our remote monitoring team. Should any suspicious activity occur, they will immediately contact our mobile patrols in the area to investigate.

Future Security Arrangements


If you need assistance planning your security needs for the future, whatever the second half of 2021 might hold, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765 or 0161 737 9991 for a free consultation, or email us at, or email us at