Protect Your Outdoor Premises with Video Verification Technology

If you have a remote location that needs monitoring or several disparate properties that need to be monitored from a central location, a video verification package might be more effective..

What Is Video Verification?


Each camera is fitted with a detector that can spot movement anywhere in its field of vision. These detectors utilise the latest in smart AI technology to determine the cause and nature of that movement. It can differentiate between human intruders and local wildlife or stray animals coming into its surveillance zone. This means, unlike a traditional motion sensor, it will not cause dozens of false alarms every night because a cat has found its way onto the premises.



Our CCTV service is monitored around the clock from a remote location by our team of security experts. This means that they can take immediate action should they spot any suspicious activity on-site, rather than you reviewing the footage the next day, when it’s too late.



There are several options for reacting to evidence of an intruder. If your system is fitted with an audio alarm or spotlights, we can activate those remotely and issue an audible warning to any trespassers. If this is not possible or doesn’t deter the intruders, we can instruct one of our local rapid response teams to attend the site and disperse them in person.


Technical Specifications

To learn more about our video verification solutions, click on the link below for a detailed technical analysis.



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