CCTV Tower

Protect Your Site with a mobile CCTV Tower


Who Uses CCTV Towers?

CCTV Towers are a popular security solution for time-limited projects or open-air sites. We have supplied and installed these useful security devices at construction sites, car parks, sports events, festivals, open grounds, and more. If you need to keep a watchful eye on your land or property, a mobile CCTV tower may be the ideal solution for you.


Rapid Deployment

Our mobile CCTV Tower is installed in around 20 minutes by our experienced team of engineers. The device can be up-and-running, protecting your site within a couple of hours, giving you optimal security, even at short notice.

Effective Detection

Our mobile CCTV Towers make use of remote, wireless PIR sensors mounted up to 100m from the tower to detect intruders over even the largest of sites. These monitors instruct the high-resolution PTZ camera to rotate, zoom and focus on whatever has triggered the system.

24/7 Surveillance

Our mobile CCTV Towers are designed to operate round the clock and in all weather conditions, being equipped with night illumination and infrared capabilities. They are fully weatherproof and include a vandal-proof keyboard. The camera is also protected and can capture crystal-clear images under any conditions. The camera feed is monitored 24 hours a day by our remote team of security experts.


Direct Challenge

Our CCTV towers include a speaker system that allows our remote monitoring team to confront intruders directly with a verbal challenge. Knowing that they have been spotted and are being watched in real-time is often enough of an incentive for them to leave the site immediately.


Robust and Rapid Response

If an intruder is not deterred by a verbal challenge, our monitoring team will contact our nearest mobile patrol unit, which can be at your site within minutes. These experienced security professionals have the training and expertise to handle any security breach, removing unwanted visitors from your premises with speed and efficiency.


Free-standing CCTV Solutions

Our mobile CCTV towers are battery-powered, meaning they can be erected anywhere, even if there is no access to the power grid. The batteries last for up to four weeks as standard, but you can extend their life with optional solar panels to keep them charged or by charging them through the mains.


A One-stop CCTV Solution

Our mobile CCTV towers are supplied, installed and monitored by our own team of security experts. Furthermore, we provide local security personnel to attend your site as part of our rapid response unit. This all-in-one security solution means all your needs are met in a single package.


To install a mobile CCTV tower on your property, call Marpol Security today. You can reach us on 0808 5627 765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation.