The Role of Mobile Patrols in Security

The Role of Mobile Patrols in Security

Here at Marpol Security, we offer a wide selection of security solutions for our customers all over the country, ranging from remote CCTV surveillance to on-site manned security and so much more. Of all our security measures, perhaps our mobile patrol units are the most versatile. Almost every package we put together involves these fast-response security professionals in one capacity or another.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the security functions provided by our mobile patrol units and how they can assist you in keeping your own property safe from intruders, trespassers, and other criminal activity.

Neighbourhood patrol

As the name implies, our mobile patrol units are constantly on the move. We have dedicated mobile staff covering the entire country, made up of experienced security professionals. Each unit has a designated area to patrol, which covers all of our clients in the immediate vicinity and their local neighbourhood. Their primary role is to drive around the area, keeping an eye on our clients’ properties. Should they spot any suspicious activity, including people on the premises outside of office hours, they will immediately intervene to resolve the issue.


Property checks

At various points throughout their shift, our mobile patrol units will stop at a client’s property to ensure that all doors and ground-floor windows are secure. They will make sure everything is locked up tight and look for any signs of vandalism or attempted entry. This service is particularly popular among clients that have void or vacant properties that are standing empty, as regular checks are often a condition of insurance.


Fast response

While patrolling the neighbourhood, our mobile units are in constant contact with our remote CCTV monitoring team as well as the local emergency services. In the event of an incident at the site, be it an alarm breach, fire, bomb threat, or report of a break-in, they will be the first point of contact. Their patrol routes are planned in such a way that they can be at the site within minutes of being called, on-hand to protect your interests and assist in any investigation.


Keyholding and alarm response

In previous times, keyholding, alarm response, and locking and unlocking duties were undertaken by a member of your team. This has long since fallen out of fashion as it puts your staff at a possible risk of danger as they are expected to attend your property without knowing if the site is safe or not. With our mobile patrol units being composed of security professionals with decades of relevant, hands-on experience to their name, you can delegate these duties to them. They have the skills and the training to ensure their safety and that of your staff when performing these tasks.


Immediate backup

We provide on-site security personnel, from concierge security and manned security teams to night watchmen and canine units. These highly trained security personnel can handle almost any situation that might present itself. In the unlikely event that they find themselves needing assistance, their colleagues in our local mobile patrol can be there to provide backup within minutes.



Whatever your security requirements across the UK, our mobile patrol units are there to keep you, your staff, and your premises safe. Give the team at Marpol Security a call today on 0808 562 7765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation with one of our experienced security specialists.