Vacant commercial property

Protect Your Vacant Commercial Property

Vacant Property Inspections

Our mobile patrol units perform regular internal and external security checks on vacant commercial properties. This includes visiting the site at frequent intervals to make sure all doors and windows are secure and to look for signs of attempted entry, as well as checking for any internal issues such as leaks, meter reading and more. The client will receive a detailed report with images for each inspection conducted. This is often a minimum requirement for insurance companies that cover vacant buildings.

On-site Security

If your vacant commercial property contains stock, equipment, or other valuable assets, you may prefer a more proactive approach. With manned security guards operating on site, you can rest easy knowing that any would-be intruder will be dealt with immediately by our highly-trained experts.


CCTV Surveillance

In addition to in-person security, we can also monitor your site remotely. We can provide you with fixed CCTV systems or temporary CCTV towers, depending on your needs. Both are monitored round-the-clock by our team of seasoned security professionals, who will take the appropriate action as soon as they spot any suspicious activity.


Video Verification Alarms

Video Verification Alarms are a high-tech solution for protecting your commercial premises. When someone or something enters your site, detailed image algorithms determine whether it’s a human intruder, a stray cat, or local wildlife on the prowl. If it detects the former, it can provide an instant audio warning for them to disperse or alert the monitoring unit to instruct one of our mobile patrols to intervene.



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