Video verification alarms systems

Video Verification alarms

Video verification alarms systems

available across the UK

When it comes to setting up a remote surveillance system for your site or commercial premises, it’s important that it offers a good return on investment. If your security system triggers an alert for every stray cat or local wildlife that enters the grounds, you may find that you’re wasting money and resources responding to each new notification. Not only that, but repeated false alarms can lead to complacency, where you wonder whether it’s even worth responding to the next one.

As one of the UK’s leading providers of tailored security packages, we know that this is not a risk our clients can afford to take. Fortunately, there is a quick, easy, and effective solution: video verification alarms.

High-quality video verification alarm systems

As the name suggests, the video verification alarm is a way to visual confirm the reason for an alarm being triggered on your property. Unlike a CCTV system, which is constantly recording, a video verification camera operates immediately when a proximity or sensor alarm is triggered. It records a brief snippet of footage around the site of the triggered sensor and sends it to you in real time for review. From there, you can judge whether to cancel the alarm, or to take further action, depending on what has been captured on camera.

A cost-effective security measure

When we install a video verification alarm system at your property, you receive the best security solution available with a modest budget. These affordable and effective cameras can be placed at several locations around your property, ensuring full coverage for a fraction of the price of a traditional CCTV installation. Each camera produces a quality image for you, leaving you with no ambiguity as to whether your premises have been entered by a human intruder, or just a wandering animal, for instance.

Direct or remote monitoring

With our video verification alarm system you have a choice of how the footage is used. If can be sent direct to your mobile device via a bespoke app, and you can decide on which action to take. Alternatively, it can be relayed to our remote monitoring centre, where one of our experienced security professionals will take the appropriate action on your behalf. For instance, should an authorised member of staff – such as a cleaner – accidentally trigger the alarm, we can review the footage and reset the system remotely, forgoing the need of a call-out.

Applications for the video verification alarm system

Any existing alarm system can benefit from the addition of video verification. However, it is of particular use to premises that already suffer from regular or semi-regular false triggers. If your property involves a large expanse of open space that might be visited by local wildlife, for instance, having visual confirmation of what’s setting off the alarm can save you a lot of time and effort. This makes the system particularly useful for construction sites, parks, school grounds, sports venues, car parks, and so much more.


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