Key holding

Benefits of Key Holding and Alarm Response

Keyholding and alarm response are two of our most popular security services – and with good reason. The idea is a simple one. We hold a set of keys to your business premises, whether it’s your place of work, a warehouse, or any other building. In the event of a security breach or other serious incident, such as a fire or bomb threat, our highly-trained security professionals will attend the property to assess the situation, liaise with any police or emergency services, and ensure your premises are safe and secure.

So why are keyholding and alarm response services so important?

Protecting your staff

Traditionally, the role of key holder and alarm response officer was passed onto a company employee. Should the building’s alarm be triggered, the alarm company would have that member of staff as their point of contact and they would attend the site to secure the building and reset the alarm. While this was all well and good for the occasional false alarm, in the effect of an actual break-in, this procedure puts your employees directly into harm’s way. By using trained security professionals to attend to triggered alarms, you ensure the safety of your staff.



While we’re sure your in-house team are as dedicated to security as you are, there is always the chance that your alarm company cannot reach them. Perhaps their phone is on silent, or they forgot to put it on charge. At Marpol Security, our keyholders are part of our mobile patrol unit, driving around your local neighbourhood to keep all our clients’ properties under surveillance. They can be contacted any time of the day or night and, thanks to their proximity, can be at your property within minutes of a call-out.



All keyholders and alarm response officers are fully-trained security experts with years of relevant experience. They are licensed by the Security Industry Authority, our profession’s leading body. Should they encounter a break-in in progress, they know what to do to minimise loss and maximise the apprehension of the perpetrators. If the site is clear upon arrival, they know exactly what to look for to determine the cause.



Whatever reason our keyholders and alarm response officers are called out, they perform a first-rate job of inspecting the scene. They will perform a full examination of the property to determine the point and method of entry. They will also liaise with any police presence or witnesses, taking down all relevant details from the scene. Once the situation has been resolved, they will compile this into a report, detailing what happened, how the intruders got in, and whether there was anything we could reasonably have done to prevent it. This report is then passed on to us to make our recommendations for improvement prior to submitting it to your management team for approval.



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