CCTV Installation

Hand-tailored CCTV installations and other services across Manchester and the North West

Closed Circuit Television – or CCTV – is one of the most effective security solutions money can buy. Not only does it provide vital evidence in the event of vandalism or a break-in, the very presence of CCTV acts as a deterrent. Knowing that your property is protected by quality CCTV is enough to make many would-be intruders think twice.

Better by design

No two companies’ security arrangements are alike, and we understand that. We use our experience, built over decades in the security industry, to design the perfect CCTV layout for your specific needs. We utilise high-definition camera systems that are equipped with night-vision capabilities and install these at key points around your premises to provide optimum visual coverage.

Remote monitoring and instant response

A CCTV installation by Marpol Security will save footage locally for your review. It can also transmit footage directly to our monitoring centre to offer response round-the-clock. As we operate this response centre 24-hours a day, we can ensure there is always somebody keeping a keen eye on your property. In the event of an intruder, we can issue a verbal challenge over an integrated speaker system, turn on floodlights as a visual deterrent, or instruct one of our local mobile patrols to intercept in person.



Whatever type of business you run in the North-West, a CCTV installation is essential to its security.
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