Rowland Homes

Rowland Homes is one of the leading property developers in the North West, creating quality new builds across the region for immediate occupancy. Operating since 1993, they have almost three decades in the business and have built thousands of properties across Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Cheshire, and North Wales. They employ a huge team of construction professionals who, between them, work on several projects at a time.


Rowland Homes

Project Length

5+ Years


Over the Christmas period, Rowland Homes gives their team of contractors and workers two full weeks off. This means that their various sites across the North West will be unmanned for that whole fortnight, making them a potential target for thieves, vandals, squatters, and other trespassers. Since the company works on multiple projects at any given time, they often have 8 to 10 sites in operation, all of which need adequate protection for the period of time they will be left vacant. Construction sites are particularly vulnerable at this time of year, as there isn’t even any passing traffic to deter would-be intruders. We were instructed to put together a bespoke short-term security package to keep all their active sites safe.

Marpol have provided an expert level of support in keeping Our Town Hall Safe and Secure. They have provided expert advice throughout, and the team have great pride in the building protection. Marpol are diligent with their building checks that include maintenance checks for heating and control along with fire management and support. Working together with Lendlease they are always professional in their approach partnering to ensure the building is safe and secure.

Dean Hart
Construction Director, Europe

Marpol Security Manned Guards


Each year, we take stock of the projects currently being worked on by Rowland Homes and go out to inspect each of the sites in good time before their teams’ Christmas breaks. We work out cost-effective security measures for each individual site. In this sense, it’s like any other security detail, where we identify potential weak spots and provide practical solutions. The only difference is that, while we are working for one client, we are covering multiple sites.

For some sites, it’s enough to have our mobile patrols pass by several times a day and inspect the premises for signs of attempted entry. This would normally apply to new builds in residential areas, where there are plenty of other occupied homes, which makes breaking into a construction site a riskier proposition.

Most sites are fitted with temporary CCTV towers. These are monitored round-the-clock by our remote surveillance team. These operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even over Christmas. Should they spot any suspicious behaviour, they will immediately alert one of our local mobile patrol units to investigate. In the event of a serious incident, such as arson, they will also alert the relevant emergency services.

If we believe a site is particularly at risk from intruders—usually sites that are more remote and easier targets for thieves—we will station manned security guards at the site. These trained security professionals will ward off any attempt to break in, fully supported by our mobile patrols as backup, should the situation require it. For larger, more sprawling sites, we might employ our canine units instead, as their trained security dogs can cover ground faster than our guards.

All sites are labelled with our insignia as a warning and deterrent to would-be interlopers.

Marpol Security Manned Guards


This is an annual service that we provide to Rowland Homes on an ongoing basis. Our detailed security measures across multiple sites help us keep their construction projects safe during their teams’ downtime, with everything intact for when they return in the new year.