Manchester Town Hall

The Our Town Hall Project is a major refurbishment of Manchester’s historic Town Hall. This Grade I Listed Building has played a major part in local government since it was first built in 1877.


The Our Town Hall Project

Project Length

3+ Years

Our town hall project


The Our Town Hall Project will see a complete refurbishment of the building, restoring it to its former glory and, hopefully, ensuring another 100+ years of service to the city. It’s a long-term project (3+ years), with Manchester City Council and Lendlease requiring a detailed and effective security package to protect the building throughout the refurbishment process.

Marpol have provided an expert level of support in keeping Our Town Hall Safe and Secure. They have provided expert advice throughout, and the team have great pride in the building protection. Marpol are diligent with their building checks that include maintenance checks for heating and control along with fire management and support. Working together with Lendlease they are always professional in their approach partnering to ensure the building is safe and secure.

Dean Hart
Construction Director, Europe

Marpol On site


As part of the tender process, we performed a full risk assessment of the Town Hall, putting together a security proposal based on our extensive experience in the industry.

The core of our package is a round-the-clock security presence at the premises. Our crew works in shifts to ensure we always have fresh and reliable guards on site. Each team has a designated supervisor, which allows for clear communications and the easy escalation of information.

Our guards fulfil multiple functions. This includes controlling access to the site by checking identification and signing in people involved in the refurbishment. We also escort them directly to where they need to be, so that they can’t just wander off.

In addition to our manned security guards, our night team also includes a canine handler and their trained security dog. The presence of our K9 unit acts as an effective deterrent to any would-be intruders or trespassers.

The site is also covered by CCTV cameras, which our guards utilise throughout their shifts. The live footage is monitored on-site by our manned security staff as well as by our remote team. Should they spot anything suspicious on the cameras, they will immediately inform the on-duty supervisor to take action.

Our on-site security guards are in regular contact with our mobile patrol units. These local professionals travel parts of the city on a specific route, keeping an eye on all our clients’ properties. Should an incident occur at the town hall that requires back-up, they can be at the building within minutes to assist.

Mobile Patrols Marpol


This is an ongoing security detail as refurbishment carries on at the town hall. Our team of trained security professionals continue to protect the building, the on-site staff, and other crucial assets on a 24/7 basis. We provide regular updates to our client, along with recommendations on how the package can be improved. This flexibility is essential for the ongoing success of the project.