Keep Your Employees Safe with Immediate Security Response

A more responsible and efficient solution is to hire a security company that operates a rapid response team in your local area. This ensures that all incidents and other security breaches are attended to within minutes. This is safer for your member of staff, and often quicker than relying on the local police, whose resources are often stretched too thin to respond to every break-in. We see to it that every security incident is handled by trained and experienced security officers.

These are some of the tasks we can perform for you:

Alarm Response

If your security alarm is triggered, our rapid-response team will investigate. If there are intruders on site, they will intercept them and call for the police. If not, they will inspect the property for signs of damage or attempted entry. They will arrange for any repairs and compile a full report for your management team.


Sometimes, a relevant authority, such as the emergency services, may need access to your building outside of office hours. Typical reasons include reports of a break-in, evidence of a fire, or a credible bomb threat. In these circumstances, we will be their first point of contact, arriving quickly at the scene to allow and monitor access.

Locking and Unlocking

Your staff are vulnerable at the start and end of the day, when a sole member of the team is entrusted with opening up or closing down the site for the day. With our locking and unlocking service, we will do the job for you, ensuring there is a trained security officer on site when your team arrives or leaves for the day.


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