Extended lockdown threatens increased risk to vacant business properties

As you are doubtless aware, the UK government has just confirmed an extension to the current nationwide lockdown to curb the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. All non-essential businesses are to remain closed to the public until at least the 7th May. As the country faces the strain of a further period of lock down, protecting vacant business properties becomes more vital.


With so many business premises standing empty , some for the first time, they have become easy targets for opportunistic criminals. News outlets across the country have reported numerous thefts, break-ins, and acts of vandalism taking place during lock down, at premises as diverse as restaurantsschools, and shops.

The reasons are obvious. As high streets become ghost towns for all but a handful of essential businesses, there are fewer witnesses, and therefore greater opportunities, for these crimes.

With roads and premises lying empty without witnesses, additional security acts as a deterrent for would-be fly tippers.

Additionally, much of the reported criminal damage is being perpetrated by people frustrated with the lockdown itself. Unable to release their anger and irritation at home or in work, they are engaging in petty acts of vandalism against vacant properties.


As a commercial company, your business insurance policy will have strict conditions in place that must be complied with if it is to remain valid. It will specify requirements that must be met once a building becomes unoccupied. Commonly these include turning off gas and water supplies, preventing access to the building and surrounding area, a general tightening of security, and regular inspections. Failure to meet the conditions of your policy could leave you uninsured if you need to make a claim.

With the current restrictions in place, police forces across the country have new priorities in place. Chief among these is ensuring that residents in their area are complying with official lockdown instructions. With resources being so tightly stretched, it is not possible for police to respond to these kinds of incidents in time enough to be effective.



At Marpol Security, we have a range of specific services available to new and existing clients that can offer some peace of mind in these difficult times. These include:

  • Concrete blocks to prevent unwanted vehicle entering your grounds, including trespassers
  • Mobile security patrols in security-branded vehicles to attend your property and perform an external foot patrol around the premises
  • Wireless RSI camera set-ups that act as an effective, temporary alternative to CCTV surveillance. These devices alert our control room to intruders, allowing us to send a mobile patrol to investigate.

All these solutions are cost-effective and are available for the same fixed price across the board, making your security decisions both simple and efficient.


Now is the time to consider effective security measures for your vacant properties. Whether you want a short-term, fixed-price solution to the risks an extended lockdown presents, or a more tailored security package for your business premises, get in touch with Marpol Security today.