Instant and accurate fever detection cameras

As the country prepares to ease itself out of lockdown, it becomes the responsibility of businesses – as much as individuals – to be ever-vigilant for the first signs of coronavirus. While monitoring for coughs can be both difficult and misleading, the other key symptom of the infection is a fever. With recent developments in thermal detection technology, it is now possible to use fever detection cameras as an accurate and effective method for identifying a fever.

The importance of fever detection systems

Getting people out of isolation and back into work is a careful juggling act between protecting lives and protecting the economy. Fortunately, with our fever detection systems, businesses are able to do both.

This solution allows for the instant and accurate monitoring of facial temperature for up to 30 people at a time, all moving in a continuous flow. The temperature readings are are displayed in real-time on a remote monitor, whilst also being fed dynamically to an NVR – or Network Video Recorder. This recorder will trigger an alert for your monitoring staff if it detects a high body temperature.

This results in rapid response times and helps to detect individuals possibly infected by the coronavirus.

Optimal Detection Range

Benefits of a fever detection solution

Multiple-person monitoring:

our heat-detecting cameras can measure as many as 30 people at a time from up to 7 metres away

Bi-spectrum, dual channel, all-weather monitoring:

All our cameras need to capture a human face for thermal imaging is visible light. This allows body heat monitoring to occur under almost any conditions.

Real time face recognition
Real-time face recognition:

the system’s face-recognition algorithm accurately measures the temperature of an individual’s face alone, preventing false readings from their surroundings.

High accuracy levels:

the system can be set to detect temperatures as accurately as ±0.5 °C


Applications for our fever detection solutions

There are few places where our system cannot be installed, as it requires only space for a camera and monitor setup. It is particularly useful in places where high foot traffic is not only likely, but unavoidable. These include:

  • transport links
  • supermarkets
  • retail parks and shopping centres
  • events

The fever detection system is also a key safeguarding device for places where people will be expected to gather and the risk of infection must be minimised. In this situation, individuals can be scanned prior to entry by security or reception staff. These include:

  • offices
  • construction sites
  • care homes
  • schools
  • places of worship

Fever detection system vs traditional thermometer

fever detection system

Fast temperature measurement

Instant scanning of up to 30 people across high foot traffic areas

High-temperature accuracy

Long-distance, remote scanning

Facial temperature measurement only

Mobile app and alerts, removing the need for a monitoring station

Environment calibration allows adjustments to account for environmental conditions

Dual spectrum technology

Versatile mounting and flexible positioning allows the unit to be tripod or wall-mounted


Slow temperature measurement

Only able to complete 1 temperature measurement at a time

Need arrangement

Irregular measurement

Manual temperature measurement


As we head towards a new kind of normal across the country, measures like fever detection cameras are likely to be a part of day-to-day business for the foreseeable future. Be sure to get the best equipment and the most effective solution from Marpol Security. Call us today for a free consultation, or email us at info@marpol.co.uk.