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Five Essential Security Solutions for Limiting Fly-Tipping

Official statistics released by Dept for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) report that councils have reported over 1 million incidents of fly-tipping in the year 2019/20. With recent lockdowns, this problem has continued to rise on both public and private land.

The illegal dumping of unwanted items like fridges, furniture, mattresses and more has seen a significant increase in recent months. It seems that much of the reason for this behaviour can be linked to the extended lockdown period. Householders confined to their property have been doing all sorts of home improvements and clear-outs, while council tips have been operating on a restricted service with skeleton staff.

If you run a construction site or any commercial property with extensive grounds, you may well have been inconvenienced by local fly-tipping on your premises. Here at Marpol Security, we can offer a range of solutions to reduce occurrences of this in the future.

Here are five essential security solutions for limiting fly-tipping:

1. A Watchful Eye

You can’t keep an eye on your property all the time but, at Marpol Security, we offer the next best thing. We install CCTV systems that are designed from the ground up to eliminate the sort of blind spots on your grounds that fly-tippers like to target. If you have an open site, we can also erect temporary CCTV towers.

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2. A Clean Sweep

If you have already fallen victim to fly-tipping on your premises, it is important to get the mess cleared up as soon as possible. The sight of dumped mattresses and white goods makes other potential fly-tippers more likely to add to the build-up. At Marpol Security, we can provide a fast and effective site clearance service for all our customers.

  3. Let There Be Light

Fly-tipping is mostly done under cover of darkness, as this illegal activity does carry fixed penalty notice enforcement. Sensor-activated security lighting acts as a powerful deterrent, with the bright bulbs leaving nowhere to hide for the would-be fly-tipper.

  4. Round-the-clock Surveillance

Our CCTV systems are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week by our control room. They receive a constant live feed from the cameras allowing them to instantly pinpoint any unusual behaviour, including fly-tipping.

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  5. Instant Response

If our remote monitoring unit spots someone on camera trying to unload rubbish on your premises, they can arrange for one of our operatives to head them off at the site. Whether you make use of our manned security guards or our local mobile patrols, a quick radio call can have them at your property within minutes.

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If your site is already being targeted by fly-tippers or you worry it may BE in the future, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 08085 627 765 or 0161 737 9991 for a free consultation, or email us at