Keeping an Eye on Your Business

Keeping an Eye on Your Business

These are just some of the ways that a CCTV surveillance package can benefit you.

Full site coverage

We design all our CCTV systems from the ground up, visiting your premises to establish the best vantage points for our high-resolution cameras. This ensures a clear line of sight across the grounds, with no blind spots.


24/7 protection

Our CCTV service is monitored around the clock from a remote location by our team of security experts. This means that they can take immediate action should they spot any suspicious activity on-site, rather than you reviewing the footage the next day, when it’s too late.


An effective deterrent

Your CCTV system can be fitted with audio speakers and security lights, both of which can be activated from our monitoring centre. This allows our operators to speak to the intruders directly and instruct them to leave the premises. Often, knowing that they have been caught in the act is enough to send trespassers running.


An immediate response

If the intruders fail to respond to our monitoring team or if they are already engaged in stealing or damaging your property, we can instruct our mobile patrol unit to intercept. These trained and experienced security professionals cover a certain route each evening that takes in all of our protected properties within the neighbourhood. Once alerted to what’s going on at your property, they can be at the site within minutes to intervene and apprehend the criminals.



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