Essential locking and unlocking services

across Blackpool

Any business that operates regular opening hours puts itself and its employees at risk of attack, particularly at those times when the building is being opened or closed for the day. If the job of locking and unlocking is designated to an employee, they could easily become the target of a break-in attempt. Since most employees are preoccupied with other thoughts or duties when starting or finishing work for the day, many companies prefer to delegate the role to a dedicated third party.

At Marpol Security, we can arrange for highly-trained security professionals to lock and unlock your property each day. We perform this service across the Blackpool area and beyond, including Blackpool North, Blackpool Central West, Blackpool Central, and Blackpool South, as well as nearby Fleetwood, Torentum, Lytham, St. Annes, and Wyre.


As Blackpool’s leading provider of locking and unlocking services, we have much to offer companies across the town. Here are some of the services we provide:

Locking down

Our locking and unlocking officers arrive at your property before the last member of staff is due to leave. We work quickly to secure the building, keeping a careful eye out for unwanted intruders hanging around. The officer will perform a sweep of the building, ensuring nobody is left behind and that all lights are switched off and interior doors closed. Once this has been completed, they will set the building alarm and lock up the main entrance.

Mobile patrols

Whether your company operates during the day or night & while your property is locked down, our mobile patrol unit will keep a careful eye on it. They cover a set route, 24 hours a day, checking in on all our clients’ properties throughout their shift and investigating any unusual incidents. At random intervals, they will inspect your doors and windows for signs of attempted entry or vandalism, for your added peace of mind.

Opening up

The following day, our locking and unlocking officer will arrive at the building prior to your first employees attending for work. They will unlock the premises and switch off the alarm, before conducting another inspection of the building’s interior – just in case. Once they are satisfied, they will hang around at the property until the first members of your team show up to work.


For locking and unlocking services across Blackpool, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765, or email us on info@marpol.co.uk, o arrange a free consultation with one of our expert security professionals.