Manned guarding and static security solutions

across Blackpool

Manned or static security remains a crucial role for many of our clients, particularly those who operate a customer-facing business. Since every company has its own unique requirements in this area, it is important to put together an on-site security team that meets your particular needs.

Marpol Security supplies static security solutions to businesses throughout Blackpool and the surrounding area. This include Blackpool North, Blackpool Central West, Blackpool Central, and Blackpool South, as well as nearby Fleetwood, Torentum, Lytham, St. Annes, and Wyre.


As Blackpool’s leading provider of manned guarding and static security solutions, we have much to offer companies across the town. Here are some of the services we provide:

On-site security

If your business welcomes customers or visitors throughout the day, it is worth investing in a manned security solution for their protection and that of your staff. We put together bespoke on-site security packages for retail stores, night clubs, sports venue, restaurants, and more.

Night watch security

We also provide static security solutions for when your commercial building is closed. If your property holds valuable stock or equipment, having a security team there outside of business hours is the most effective way to deter intruders. Our night shift teams can operate inside the building, or patrol the grounds and perimeter, depending on your preference.

The face of your company

All our manned security operatives arrive smartly-dressed in full uniform, to ensure they give the right first impression of your company. They are polite and courteous in all their dealings with both the public and your staff.

Round-the-clock support

In the unlikely event that your on-site security team cannot handle a given incident on their own, help is only ever a call away. We have mobile patrols in the immediate area, who can be at your premises within minutes to provide back-up when needed.


For manned guarding solutions across Blackpool, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765, or email us on, to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert security professionals.