Effective alarm response services

across Cheshire

Traditionally, the role of alarm response officer was delegated to one of the company’s employees. They would act as first point of call for the alarm company should a security alarm be triggered outside of office hours. This sometimes put the employee in question at significant risk, so many businesses choose to delegate this responsibility to trained and licensed security professionals.

Here at Marpol Security, we supply a reliable and efficient alarm response service for businesses throughout the Cheshire region, including Warrington, Chester, Crewe, Runcorn, Widnes, and beyond.


As Cheshire’s leading provider of alarm response solutions, we have much to offer companies across the county. Here are some of the services we provide:

Rapid alarm response team

A key component of any Marpol Security package is our mobile patrols. These operate in all areas where our clients’ premises are located. Should your alarm system be triggered outside of office hours, our mobile patrol will be the first to know about it and the first to react. On constant patrol, night and day, these SIA-licensed security professionals can be at your property in minutes.

Securing and resetting

The role of our alarm response team is twofold: first they need to identify what caused the alarm to go off in the first place by looking for signs of forced entry or intentional damage. Their second priority is to secure the building. This includes repairing or replacing any broken doors or windows, as well as resetting the alarm and locking down the property.

Detailed reporting

Whatever the outcome – be it an accidental triggering of an alarm, or a major security threat – our alarm response team will put together a report on the incident. This will comprise their own findings, together with those of the police and any witnesses. From this report, we can determine if your existing security system needs updating or upgrading, forwarding it onto your with our recommendations.


For a professional alarm response solution in Cheshire, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765, or email us on, to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert security professionals.