With more than a quarter of a century in the CCTV industry, we have a range of options available to our clients, from temporary surveillance solutions for time-specific engagements, to permanent installations. Here are just a few of our more popular services:

Marpol Security CCTV Systems

Remote CCTV monitoring and response solutions across Lancashire

The national lockdown we are currently facing has had a major impact on companies across Lancashire, as many find themselves with empty buildings for a prolonged period of time. Many owners are concerned for the safety and security of these premises. At Marpol Security, we have a variety of tailored security solutions for our old and new customers, that can help them through this difficult time.

Remote CCTV monitoring solutions in Lancashire

When you install a remote CCTV monitoring solution from Marpol Security, you can be sure there is someone watching 24 hours a day. All feeds are linked to a central hub, where our team can successfully monitor them, alerting our mobile patrols to the scene in the event of suspicious activity.

CCTV surveillance solutions in Lancashire

We are one of the region’s foremost security firms and have installed CCTV surveillance systems in companies the length and breadth of Lancashire. We cover everywhere from Blackpool, Blackburn, and Preston to Burnley, Bamber Bridge, and beyond. Wherever you are in the county, we can install the perfect CCTV system for you.

An effective substitute for manned security in Lancashire

Many companies employ their own manned patrols during out-of-office hours and lockdown situations, which is certainly effective. However, with school closures, self-isolation, and positive coronavirus cases on the rise, staffing levels are affected across the board. CCTV surveillance provides an answer to that problem – one that still maintains your premises’ safety.


A natural deterrent to criminals in Lancashire

Unfortunately, for all the good news stories we hear about in the local press, a lockdown situation also brings out the opportunists, for whom an empty building is a tempting target. Investing in remote CCTV monitoring is a great way to deter would-be intruders from your property.


If you have a business property in Lancashire that requires remote CCTV surveillance during this period of lockdown, call Marpol Security today