Essential key holding and response services

across the Wirral

The role of the key holder is similar to that of an alarm response officer, but often broader in term of their responsibilities. Alarm response personnel are called out by your alarm company should your system be triggered, while key holders can be called out by local police, fire department, and other emergency services. Their role is to grant access to the building for these interested third parties, as well as acting as a witness for your company.

Marpol Security provides companies across the Wirral with trained and experienced key holders. This includes businesses in Birkenhead, Wallasey, Bromborough, Bebington, Upton, New Brighton, Heswall, Greasby, West Kirby, Tranmere, and beyond.


As the Wirral’s leading provider of key holding services, we have much to offer companies across the peninsula. Here are some of the services we provide:

Triggered alarms

Our mobile patrol teams are the first point of contact for your alarm company in the event of the alarm being triggered. As a member of that team, our keyholder can be on the scene within minutes. They will liaise with any police presence or other emergency services at the building, as well as performing their own investigation on your behalf.

Emergency call-outs

The local emergency services will also know to contact our key holding staff should a serious incident occur involving your property. This could be a break in, a fire, a bomb threat, or storm damage, among other possibilities. Whatever the reason for being called in, our keyholder will be on-hand to assist the emergency services in any way they can. Once the situation has been resolved, they will do whatever is required to secure the building.

Detailed reports

Every time our keyholders are called out to your building, they will compile a full and accurate report for you and your management team. This will comprise their own notes and observations, together with those of any witnesses and emergency services’ personnel. In addition, they will ask for copies of any official reports, which will be added to their own. Our team will check out the report first, to see if more robust security measures could have prevented this situation. Any recommendations will be forwarded onto you, along with the report, for your consideration.


For reliable key holding solutions on the Wirral, contact Marpol Security today. Call us on 0808 562 7765, or email us on, to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert security professionals.