The Role of Our Mobile Patrol Units

Site Inspections and Mobile Patrols

Here at Marpol Security, all our staff play an essential role. From our on-site manned security officers, through to our CCTV monitoring team and to our customer support staff, each member of our operation has their part to play. However, perhaps the most varied and versatile role in the company is taken by our mobile patrol units.

Almost every security package we put together for our clients around the country benefits from the inclusion of our mobile patrols. In this article, we will take a look at just some of the services they provide in their day-to-day job.

Patrolling the neighbourhood

As the name suggests, our mobile patrol units are constantly on the move. Each one has a designated route, carefully planned by our senior security team. This route takes them past the various buildings and premises that we protect for our clients in the local area. They will keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour and immediately intervene should they notice anything amiss.


24/7 mobile patrol units

Our mobile patrol units are on the move night and day, working in shifts to ensure there is always someone looking after your property. Whether your company operates nine-to-five or through the night, you can be sure we have you covered at all times.


First response

The crucial benefit of being on 24-hour patrol within a specific area is that they can attend your property within minutes of a security breach occurring. They are the first point of contact for our CCTV monitoring team as well as the local police and fire brigade. If something happens at your property that needs our attention, our mobile patrols will be there as soon as possible.


A Visual Deterrent

Our mobile patrol vehicles are clearly marked with our company colours and insignia and we recommend that your company posts a sign with the same details on it. Simply knowing that your property is protected is a deterrent for many casual criminals, but seeing the security firm in question on active patrol is enough to make anyone think twice.




A range of security


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