The High Cost of Neglect: Securing Vacant Commercial Properties

Financial Implications

The financial risks associated with vacant commercial properties go beyond simple vandalism and theft. Such premises often house expensive equipment and assets, making them prime targets for criminals. A security breach can lead to substantial financial losses from stolen assets.

Inadequate security can also lead to higher insurance premiums or, worse, the voiding of insurance claims if security due diligence is found to have not been performed. This can place a considerable financial burden on the business, not to mention the potential loss of business continuity during repairs and replacements.

Legal Repercussions

Commercial property owners have stringent legal obligations. They must adhere to specific building and fire safety codes, which can result in hefty fines or legal actions if violated due to neglect. Furthermore, the owner could face serious liability claims if a property’s inadequate security leads to an incident that compromises staff or customer safety.

Community and Business Impact

A vacant commercial property that is poorly secured affects not only the immediate surroundings in terms of aesthetics and public safety but also the business’s reputation. Business partners, customers, and potential tenants perceive security as a reflection of how the company is managed. A neglected property can lead to lost business opportunities, as it signals mismanagement and lack of professionalism.

Securing Your Business with Marpol

For the protection of vacant commercial properties, Marpol Security offers customised security solutions designed to reduce risks and comply with legal requirements.
These include:

Locking Up & Boarding Up: We implement physical security measures by installing heavy-duty locks, boarding up windows, and placing concrete barriers to prevent unauthorised access. We also install security signage and visual deterrents to ward off trespassers and minimise damage.

CCTV Monitoring: Our 24/7 in-house control room monitors CCTV systems, and rapid response teams are deployed to your vacant property at any sign of disturbance. We offer a range of CCTV solutions, both temporary and permanent, to meet various client needs.

Mobile Patrols: Highly trained, professional security personnel conduct regular inspections of your property to check for any signs of intrusion, damage, or potential security risks. These inspections help maintain the integrity of the property and ensure compliance with insurance requirements.

Alarm Systems and Response: We equip vacant commercial properties with advanced alarm systems that alert our response teams to any unauthorised entry. Our rapid response capabilities ensure that any security threats are dealt with promptly.

Act Now to Protect Your Investment

The cost of neglecting security in commercial properties can be devastating, impacting not just the financial bottom line but also legal standing and business reputation. Investing in reliable security measures through a trusted provider like Marpol Security protects your business premises and assets, supports business continuity and preserves property value.


For a comprehensive security solution that meets the needs of your vacant commercial property, call Marpol Security today on 08085 627 765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation.