The Importance of Fire Risk Assessments

The Importance of Fire Marshals

If you are the owner or manager of a multi-resident building, such as a private block of flats or a sheltered accommodation project, you are responsible for keeping your residents safe in the event of a fire. As recent tragedies have shown, even a small fire in a single flat or apartment can spread quickly across an entire block.

While many apartment blocks rely on individual and communal fire alarm systems to keep their residents safe, that isn’t always enough. To ensure your residents are adequately protected against the risk of fire, you may prefer to instruct an on-site fire marshal.

The Role of a Fire Marshal

The fire marshal will patrol the building, covering all floors and key areas, keeping an eye out for signs of a fire. Should they notice any such signs, they will raise the alarm immediately using a handheld airhorn. They will then go from apartment to apartment, evacuating residents from the building.


Fire alarms

If your fire alarm system has yet to be installed or is undergoing repairs or routine maintenance, a fire marshal is a good temporary solution. They will be able to raise the alarm for your residents in the event of a fire, keeping them safe and sound.



Developers and property management companies are more aware than ever of the dangers of certain types of cladding. In an ideal world, that cladding would be replaced by something safer, but it can be exorbitantly expensive. A more cost-effective solution is to instruct a fire marshal.



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