The Importance of Reviewing Your Security Arrangements

Following a security incident

While an effective security package will reduce the risk of intruders, even the best cannot guarantee 100% success. If you experience a security breach, it is important to review your existing arrangements to find out how it occurred and how it can be prevented in the future.


Operational changes

If you change the way you work, you may need to alter your security solution to cover your new processes. This could be anything from changes in worker shifts to the introduction of new and valuable equipment or assets, and so much more. Speak to your security provider to ensure their team is brought up to date and any changes are implemented.

Seasonal security needs

Some businesses require different security arrangements for different times of the year. Construction sites and other open premises are more at risk during the long winter nights, for instance, and may require more manned guards during these months. This is the perfect time to review your security needs for the coming seasons to ensure you are adequately covered.


Regular reviews

Even if your company continues on its present trajectory, you should perform a regular security review to ensure you’re getting the best service from your provider. New technology is being developed all the time, and many security firms introduce new services for the benefit of their new and existing clients. By reviewing your existing arrangements at least once a year, you can be sure that your security plan is working at optimal efficiency.


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