The Living Wage Increase – Act Now & Protect Your Business

Failure to comply with this new threshold is not just a matter of cutting corners; it’s a clear legal violation that breaches modern slavery laws and can seriously harm your business and reputation.

Legal Obligations & The Risks of Non-Compliance

The living wage is designed to meet the needs of workers and their families, reflecting the real cost of living. As of April 1st, companies are legally required to adjust their pay rates to comply with the updated living wage.

It is crucial for companies that rely on security providers to choose a partner that complies with all current legislation, including the living wage increase.

As per updated government guidance, starting in April 2024, the minimum hourly labour cost at UK NLW (not including the Labour Provider Margin) will be £15.52 or more. The guidance states that if a provider offers lower rates, it is “almost impossible for them to meet their fiscal responsibilities, and may indicate illegal activity such as organised labour fraud or modern slavery”.

Paying less than the legal requirement can invalidate your insurance policy. If your insurance policy requires security cover, and it is discovered that the security officer was illegally employed, your insurer may repudiate your claim in case of an incident.

Non-compliance subjects your business to potential investigations, insurance implications, severe penalties, and irreparable reputational damage. This isn’t scaremongering—it’s the stark reality every UK business must confront.

Don’t Gamble your Business’s Reputation

Your choice of security provider reflects your company’s values. Partnering with Marpol, a company committed to fair wages and ethical practices, enhances your reputation. It signals to your customers, employees, and partners that you prioritise the welfare of those safeguarding your assets.

Security Services – Go Cheap, Think Twice

The cost of skimping on security—both in legal repercussions and potential risks to your premises—far outweighs the investment in a reputable and compliant security provider like Marpol Security.

Choosing a security provider that pays below the legal requirement is risky, as it can lead to underqualified or unmotivated personnel protecting your assets.

Marpol Security recruits, trains, and retains the best security professionals by offering fair wages and benefits. We pay our security officers above the National Living Wage to reflect our commitment to their wellbeing and job satisfaction. This results in low staff turnover, ensuring we can provide our clients with a more consistent and dependable security service.

The Marpol Promise: Compliance, Quality, and Security

Partnering with Marpol Security safeguards your business from legal repercussions, enhances your reputation, and ensures the highest standard of security services.

We offer a one-stop shop for security solutions, including manned guarding, CCTV installation, self-powered CCTV towers, alarm response services, and 24/7 monitoring from our Control Room. Our security services provide a range of features, including:

Dedicated Marpol Manager: Each site is assigned a Marpol manager who attends to any security needs or concerns immediately.

Daily Reporting: We provide daily reports to site management, summarising the activities and observations of our guards from the previous night.

Innovative Technology Integration: QR codes are used around sites as standard, allowing us to track and report on security patrols in real-time. Data is available to clients as required.

Welfare and Supervision: Nightly supervisor welfare checks and spot checks ensure the wellbeing of our staff and the quality of our security services.

Proactive Security Audits: Weekly site audits to assess and adapt security measures to account for evolving security needs.


Marpol Security guarantees that your services are provided ethically, legally, and to the highest standards. Don’t gamble with your business’s reputation or legality. Choose a partner that stands for reliability, quality, and peace of mind, give the team a call on 08085 627 765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation.