The Role of Our Mobile Patrol Units

In our latest blog article, we discussed the role of rapid response teams.
We also have designated mobile patrol units that provide a variety of services for our clients across the UK.

What Is a Mobile Patrol Unit?

As the name suggests, our mobile patrol units travel around the local area, patrolling the sites we have been hired to protect. Their routes are carefully planned to provide optimal coverage, with all our clients receiving the same high standard of security. Our mobile patrol unit personnel are fully trained and SIA-licenced security professionals with decades of experience between them.

Site Inspections

This is the key role of our mobile patrol units. They will conduct multiple inspections depending on the clients needs at random points throughout their shift to ensure no one is lingering around the premises and to look for signs of attempted entry, vandalism, or theft.

Each inspection involves a comprehensive patrol of the site perimeter on foot, during which our security personnel will inspect all gates, doors, and windows (plus other key assets) for any indication of tampering or damage. They wear a bodycam at all times, providing a visual record in the event of any incident occurring on site. After each inspection, they will draw up a report detailing any concerns, which will be shared with you, our client.


Additional Services

As well as performing scheduled site inspections, our mobile patrol units provide a variety of auxiliary services. These include locking and unlocking your building, responding to triggered security alarms, and providing keyholding solutions. This ensures the safety of your own staff, who would otherwise be expected to handle these dangerous tasks.


If you could benefit from a mobile patrol unit looking after your property, call Marpol Security today on 0808 562 7765 or send an email to to arrange a free consultation.